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What do you think of when you consider literacy?


Literacy is more than reading, it is also writing.

Writing is a separate neurological process.

Compensate for dysgraphia using the simple strategies taught in our programs!

We work with occupational therapists, teachers, and parents to help develop strategies for each student.

Occupational Therapists



I am a Dysgraphia Consultant who helps occupational therapists clarify handwriting problems/dysgraphia so they can streamline their evaluation process and provide treatment planning strategies.

I am a Dysgraphia Consultant who helps regular and learning support teachers identify handwriting problems/ dysgraphia in the classroom so that they can communicate observations for effective referrals to the Response to Intervention or IEP/504 team members and incorporate quick solutions with all students in their classrooms.

I am a Dysgraphia Consultant who supports parents through the education of basic dysgraphia symptoms and provides them with strategies to improve homework problems so that they can have more family time.

Programs to learn more about Dysgraphia


This is the best place to contact Cheri for the first time.  This session will help us get to know one another so that Cheri can guide you to the right service.

15-minute FREE 

The 15-minute consultation is for ANYONE

  • who needs a quick answer to a question.

  • Start a conversation about having Cheri come to speak at your facility.

An Example of a quick question includes clarification terminology surrounding this phenomenon.

30 minute 

The 30-minute consultation is for

  • parents who have specific questions about their child.

  • OT or teacher who wants to problem solve a situation at their facility.

Earn Professional Developmental Units

Virtual Dysgraphia Workshop

Cheri offers group question and answer sessions on the last Saturday of each month.

In these sessions, You guide the conversation. Come into the chat room from your own living room and have your questions answers.

Sessions are limited to 10 people each month. Earn one hour contact hour of Professional Development.

  • Brief workshop/training about dysgraphia. 

  • Research review

  • Treatment intervention strategy

  • Assessment analysis. 

  • Q&A 

NBCOT PDU requirements (#14)

Workshops in schools/clinics 

Occupational Therapists and Teachers

Continuing Education

Cheri offers one hour to full-day workshops for schools, pediatric clinics, and colleges or universities. She speaks to the K-12 staff or Specialized Instructional Support Personnel. In colleges, she speaks to faculty and students entering the profession of education or therapy. Continuing education credits will be provided. Interested in learning more, book a 15-minute event call. Her workshops are restricted to the United States at this time.

  • Full Day

  • Half Day


  • Dysgraphia and the elementary student

  • Dysgraphia and the twice exceptional student

Professional Development available


Occupational Therapist ~ Teachers ~ School Professionals

Learning Objectives

1. Verbalize a working definition of the Written Expression Disorder, dysgraphia as classified under Specific Learning Disability.

2. Delineate dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia so that they can summarize their classroom observations.

3. Summarize a gross description of the neural pathway connections for reading and writing.

4. Design a lesson plan or treatment intervention to improve retention of spelling and vocabulary using the techniques instructed based on Motor Learning Theory.

NBCOT Professional Development 36 PDUs (#14)


Avoiding writing tasks
Awkward pencil grasp
Cramping fingers or hands
Difficulty managing margins
Difficulty with written expression
Inconsistency in forming letters
Inefficient pencil pressure
Intentionally watching their hand write letters
Irregular letter formation, size, sequencing, or line placement
Letter and number reversals
Mixing upper and lowercase letter forms
Need extended time to complete tasks


Odd positions of the wrist or paper
Poor fine motor skills
Poor letter organization
Poor spelling
Unorganized thought processes when writing paragraphs
Writing slower than typical students of the same age

Coaching Testimonial

Cheri was very helpful in explaining new evaluations to utilize as a school-based therapist and how to utilize organizational strategies in the classroom for a student with underlying dysgraphia. I really appreciate the time she took to provide me with new resources. I can't wait to dive into her book!! ~J. P.

Course Testimonial

I am learning so much and can not tell you how much information I have already used to explain my kiddos to teachers and staff... invaluable information !! So thank you!! ~ K. H.

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