Be a Dysgraphia Detective!

Improve Communication

Design a Co-Teaching Approach

Streamline Treatment and Lesson Planning


Are you embarrassed because you don't know how to spot dysgraphia when you see it?


Are you frustrated in IEP meetings because other team members of the team don't understand what you're asking when a child has handwriting struggles?


When handwriting is not working properly, there is a DisConnect between the brain and body.


The best way to overcome poor handwriting is through effective practice.


A delay in handwriting is called dysgraphia.

Your students can overcome dysgraphia with help!

Become a Dysgraphia Specialist!

Improve Communication

  • Identify the Types and Symptoms of Dysgraphia

  • Improve Collaboration

Design a Co-Teaching Approach

  • Create Achievable Action Plans


  • Apply Strategic Planning for Student Development

Streamline Treatment and Lesson Planning

  • Embed Engaging Lessons for Handwriting Improvement


  • Increase Legibility and Speed Within Learning Techniques

About Cheri

I am a dysgraphia consultant who helps occupational therapists, teachers, and parents take the frustration out of FLAWED handwriting and translate it so that children uniquely placed in their care can find their FLAWLESS potential from school to the real world through efficient writing strategies and helping them COURAGEOUSLY advocate their own needs.

If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write.

Martin Luther

I think the biggest thing I have learned is that there are different components/categories of dysgraphia. The assignments required me to analyze and reanalyze tasks.

~ L.J.

After taking a step back to analyze dysgraphia, I didn’t realize there were so many differences between them!

~ K.R.

I met and evaluated a kiddo today that I just know is dysgraphic. It was so clear, and I felt so good knowing, instead of wondering!

~ K.A.

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