33% of children struggle to learn how to write.

Nine out of 10 do not get the support they need in school.

Dysgraphia is a neurodevelopmental condition.

It is a Specific Learning Disability.

In an IEP or 504 plan, it is classified as a Written Expression Disability.

run on word

Do you know a child that writes like this?


Avoiding writing tasks
Awkward pencil grasp
Cramping fingers or hands
Difficulty managing margins
Difficulty with written expression
Inconsistency in forming letters
Inefficient pencil pressure
Intentionally watching their hand write letters
Irregular letter formation, size, sequencing, or line placement
Letter and number reversals
Mixing upper and lowercase letter forms
Need extended time to complete tasks


Odd positions of the wrist or paper
Poor fine motor skills
Poor letter organization
Poor spelling
Unorganized thought processes when writing paragraphs
Writing slower than typical students of the same age