Handwriting is the key to unlocking complete literacy!

Become a K-5 Dysgraphia Specialist!

What do you think of when you consider literacy? Reading?
Literacy is more than reading, it is also writing!
Writing is a separate neurological process.
Cheri breaks down this process.
You can help that child overcome Dysgraphia with Cheri’s help!

For Teachers:

Cheri is a Dysgraphia Consultant who helps regular and learning support teachers identify handwriting problems/dysgraphia in the classroom so they can communicate observations for effective referrals to the Response to Intervention or IEP/504 team members and incorporate quick solutions with all students in their classrooms.


For Occupational Therapists:

Cheri is a Dysgraphia Consultant who helps occupational therapists clarify handwriting problems/dysgraphia so they can streamline their evaluation process and provide treatment planning strategies.

For Parents:

Cheri is a Dysgraphia Consultant who supports parents through the education of basic dysgraphia symptoms and provides them with strategies to improve homework problems so that they can have more family time.

If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write.

Martin Luther

I think the biggest thing I have learned is that there are different components/categories of dysgraphia. The assignments required me to analyze and reanalyze tasks.

~ L.J.

After taking a step back to analyze dysgraphia, I didn’t realize there were so many differences between them!

~ K.R.

I met and evaluated a kiddo today that I just know is dysgraphic. It was so clear, and I felt so good knowing, instead of wondering!

~ K.A.