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02/12/2019 – This morning a mom posted a story on Facebook. She indicated that her child has had to endure a move 1/2 way across the country while the new school reduced the supports that he was receiving in his old school.

At the last IEP/504 meeting, one of the professionals in the room stated that dysgraphia is garbage, leaving this parent with the impression that her cries for help with handwriting were unfounded and ridiculous. She added, that this professional had never evaluated the child and basically refused to do so. “Sloppy handwriting does not mean a child has dysgraphia.” Is dysgraphia garbage? No.

dysgraphia Awarenss

Stories like this one make me realize just how important #DysgraphiaAwarenss is. There are so many people, both professionals and lay persons, that do not understand this disability. The message of Dysgraphia needs clarification. Is dysgraphia garbage? No.

First, I gave this mom the Symptoms of Dysgraphia.

Then, I told her to describe the problems that her child was having in detail and take them to the supervisor for the professional in question.

If you are having difficulty with other persons on the team, describe the details of what you are seeing. I don’t advise you to use the term dysgraphia. Explain what it looks like in as much detail as possible. Use the list of symptoms to guide you.

Then, comment below or send me an email to share your story. I do not share names.

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