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Did you know there are OT podcasts too! OT School House Podcast is hosted by two occupational therapists in California.

Dr. Mallioux
Dr. Mailloux

In episode 25, they interviewed Zoe Mallioux, OTD, OTR/L, FAOTA. She is an expert on Sensory Integration as established by A. Jean Ayres.

In this episode, she talks about how assessment is critical to effective treatment. Dr. Mallioux is a professor at Thomas Jefferson University. In the interview, you will hear about the Ayres Sensory Integration 2020 Initiative ASI2020.org.

Some take aways….
Are you fully assessing the basic foundational areas of the sensory motor pathway?

Are you integrating your hands on assessmnts and questionnaires appropriately?

Are you effectively communicating your findings to other school professionals interm that they inderstand?

Take a listen to the episode.
It can also be found on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and Spotify.

Why does sensory integration matter to dysgraphia?

The sensory-motor pathway is the foundation of the mechanical aspects of handwriting. Interruptions to the handwriting pathway are the foundation of dysgraphia.

Coming next week, a summary of Episode 26.