NorthEast River, MD
View from my seat at the car show – Really, you thought I’d take car pics?

Where have you found Handwriting Brain Body DisConnect? You can find your tribe in the most unsuspecting places. Last Monday, my husband asked me if I’d like to go with him to Maryland to a car show.  Looking at my schedule, I had one commitment that I could not adjust.  That event was my first virtual Dysgraphia Coffee ‘n’ Convo.  I said I need a Wi-Fi connection, but I could go.  Also, I was also not going without my books and display. I knew an old friend who works as a sign language interpreter would be there, but I had no idea how this show would impact someone else. 

Cheri and Deb holding HWBBD
My friend, Deb, who is a sign language interpreter

The journey begins…

Noticing that the DJ was announcing vendors and others at the show, I asked my friend to introduce me and ask if he could announce me too.  She did and the DJ took a bookmark and some info about the book.  But the time I was back at my space with lunch, he was announcing my name and book.  Me, a writer on dysgraphia, was being announced at a car show! Most people at the show had no idea what he was announcing.

I had barely begun eating when a lady came almost running toward the stand.  I could tell that she wasn’t coming for car parts.  She was targeting me.  “I just bought your book.  It came in the mail yesterday.  I am planning on reading it next week at the beach.” She went on for several minutes telling me her story of frustration and anguish getting the school system to listen to her. She has hired an advocate, an attorney, but is finally getting support from her district.  The funny thing is, she was NOT there for the car show.  Her son was building a boat from scratch and they were to launch them into the river Saturday. 

Cheri and Kristen with HWBBD
Cheri with lady in story holding HWBBD

Later in the day, I was walking by the playground area at the opposite end of the park and I found a group of students and boats. There was the mom helping students paint wooden canoes.  I stopped and asked for more information.  This summer camp is done the last week of June for children in the county.  Many have some form of learning disability and the program is sponsored by Cecil County Community College.  Her son is going into eighth grade and finally has an IEP to support his dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia.  He is a well-spoken young man.  He told me everything that he learned this week. His mother and I are now friends on social media.  I told her to contact me with questions and that I know the firm that is taking her case.  Unfortunately, I missed them launching the boats on Saturday morning. 

Day two…

Day two, The DJ again announces my book around lunch time.  Within minutes of me sitting down to eat, I got a visitor to our space.  This time, a retired gentleman.  This gentleman is a retired researcher. His wife is a principal at a local elementary school.  “Tell me about dysgraphia?  Why is it not talked about in the schools?”  He also went on to say he hated the title because it did not say dysgraphia.  My husband did a fabulous job explaining how we arrived at the title. (Much better than I did, I might add.) He is planning on sharing his new find with his wife and his local church community.  I offered to come to speak at this church if they would like me to attend.


Moral of the story, you never know when and where you will find someone who needs your message. You never know how the person next to you needs your help until you share something that sparks that connection.  I do not know how these two stories will emerge, but they have the potential of changing more than just the two people I met at a car show with my husband.

#DysgraphiaAwareness was shared by virtue of the DJ’s announcements to everyone in the vicinity. The people that spoke with me will be forever changed by the new knowledge they gathered and placed in their emotional and long-term memory.

Where are you reading HWBBD?

As you prepare for your trip to the beach this month, don’t leave home without your copy of Handwriting Brian Body DisConnect.  Share it with a friend. 

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