girl writing

Have you considered these 5 mistakes that Heather talks about in this article? Heather is a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant.  She does a wonderful job sharing five mistakes that impede the developmental milestones of learning to write.

An area that she did not discuss…

One area that she did not address in her article is emotional memory. When a student enters Kindergarten, their brains have been soaring to grow the right hemisphere in their 0-5 years. We expect them to switch off that hemisphere the moment they begin school and use their left hemisphere.  Although it has been developing, it has not been the target of most of the neural pathway growth.

We need to give the left hemisphere chance to develop neural pathways. Unfortunately, we expect spontaneity from our children the day they enter Kindergarten to have the left side of their brain ready for learning.  Some children take longer to make the neural growth switch than others.  In the meantime, these students get the reputation of being troublemakers.

Don’t snuff enthusiasm…

f we are not careful, we can snuff the enthusiasm out of these children.  Their willingness to learn dwindles quickly as they struggle.  Their love for school turns sour. Damaging that creativity by demanding conformity and obedience can yield negative emotional memories and learning may cease.

Getting back to Heather’s article, she does a great job of explaining the outcome of neural development based on developmental category. As you begin a new school year, be aware of these barriers and keep your eye out for negative emotional memory sources.

Be a detective…

To combat these issues, find out what motivates your student and build on it.  Start by creating simple drawings using pre-writing lines and add letters and numbers, sentences, and other conversations around handwriting as their brain’s shift from the creative to the logical brain.