Become a Certified Dysgraphia K-5 Specialist!

Have you heard about Handwriting Brain-Body DisConnect (HWBBD), the course? It is an 8-week course focusing on transforming your understanding of dysgraphia.

The Founding Member group is halfway through the course. They have shared transformations for children that will have a lifetime impact on the children they serve.

Here is one story

In an assignment, one student tells me about how HWBBD the course has given her the tools she needed.  She was prepared for the moment. 

Her moment arrived in an IEP meeting. 

Parents were frustrated. Their child, a 10-year-old, was changing schools due to refusals. This meeting was the first IEP at the new district.

During the IEP meeting, this occupational therapist was sitting, listening, and heard the mother’s frustration.

Her son was placed in an educational classification that she did not agree with. Her child did not exhibit the traits that are associated with this classification.

She is four weeks into HWBBD and already had the tools she needed to speak up for dysgraphia.

She asked, “Has your child ever been evaluated for Dysgraphia?”

The answer was no. The mother had never heard of dysgraphia or dyslexia. She knew that the classification that the child was placed in was wrong.

The OT began describing dysgraphia and dyslexia to the participants of the meeting. Mom responded with a resounding, “That’s it. That what I’m talking about.”

The OT described this student as a twice-exceptional student, although she did not state that directly. A twice-exceptional (2e) student is gifted in some areas but has a learning disability in other areas that impact education.

 As a result of this discussion, the IEP team has revised his IEP after assessments and determination of disability in dysgraphia. The accommodations are working. The mother reports that the child loves his new school. He wants to go every morning.

That’s why Dysgraphia Awareness is so needed around this country and the world.

Transforming children’s lives is what gets me out of bed each day. Seeing other occupational therapists and teachers thrive on this knowledge melts my heart.

Keeping children from meeting these statistics of 65-80% of students with learning disabilities end up on the trajectory of frustration followed by prison has got to change!

Many times these students cannot read or write effectively.

Be that occupational therapist or teacher that cares enough to change the lives of children like the one in this story!

This kid got a second chance!!! How about the one at your school? Can he? Can she? These students deserve a second chance too!

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