I did a Q&A session yesterday. They were asked to include a question about becoming a dysgraphia consultant. One question was about the main goal of handwriting. What is the main goal of handwriting?

The Print Tool focuses on visual memory, orientation, line placement, starting point, sequencing, and control.

Can your student remember what a letter looks like? Is that the main goal?

Does he/she reverse the letter or place it at the wrong place on the writing paper? Is that the main goal?

Are they starting their letters at the top and sequencing the letter to form it to the ideal? Is that the main goal?

How is their control of writing the letter? Does it have gaps, points, or curves at the wrong location?

All of these aspects of writing letters and numbers are important. However, the main goal of handwriting is


All of these other factors are part of legibility. Visual memory or recall of a letter makes the connection from reading to writing.

Orientation or reversals, line placement, starting point, and sequencing impact the accuracy and precision of a letter.

Gaps, curves, and points control the proportionality of the letter or the control.

Without one part, legibility cannot be accomplished.

Therefore, the moan goal of handwriting is legibility.

There is one other factor that has not been mentioned here and that is speed.

Motor responses for writing involve Control, Accuracy, Precision, and Speed.

When I am sharing motor responses with teachers, I use the acronym CAPS.

Word FLuency – CAPS

Motor control is the foundation behind the accuracy and precision of movement.

Students who lack visual-spatial relationships, motor control, and memory lack speed.


is the second most important goal of handwriting. Without speed, they feel the negative emotions associated with handwriting. The behaviors that follow, well I don’t need to describe them here.

The main goal of handwriting is communication, so legibility with speed similar to peers is the priority!

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