Top 10 OT Toys for Holiday 2019

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Written by Erica Orient

November 25, 2019

Cheri is pleased to announce our first guest blog post from Erica Orient.  Erica is a Founding Member of the K-5 Dysgraphia Specialist course.  She works full time as a school-based occupational therapist at a local school district. Erica and I met several years ago when she was the owner of a toy store in my area. I asked her to share her favorite toys from the store.

Here are some toys that you may want to consider for this holiday season.   They include various preparatory skills for handwriting problems.


  1. The flying turtle: This toy incorporates sitting balance, hip flexion and trunk rotation while having fun and using upper extremity motion as well.

2. Spooner Boards: These are fun boards to stand or sit on and address the gross motor balance as well.  It can eventually be used to attempt jumping or spinning for vestibular stimulation as well.

3. Suspend is a great game to address fine motor skills as well as visual perception. It is a tabletop game to balance metal bars to hang from each other without knocking over the rest.

4. Tenzi: This game is a wonderful fast action game that addresses visual scanning the dice for similar or different numbers, stacking them or putting them aside while continuing to get 10 matching numbers.  There are also many other ways to play to further thinking, fine motor skills, speed and visual scanning.

5. Sticky Mosaics & Plush Craft kits: These kits significantly address number recognition, visual scanning, and significant amounts of fine motor skills to complete the task.

6. Spot it is a game used for a greater focus on Visual-Spatial activities. There are a lot of versions of spot it as well. Many games include shapes, letters, number identification and more!

7. Perplexus is a great game to address cognitive thinking among 6-year-olds and older. They take their time to steady their hands and fine motor skills as they slowly maneuver a small ball through the maze.

9. Zingo Games address many skills such as cognitive word recognition, object and word identification, visual tracking, counting, number identification.  The chips are thin for fine motor skills as well.

10. Rush Hour is a great game to address cognitive challenges and problem-solving skills!



There are many more toys that can also be used while addressing a child’s goal.  These skill builders should help you find that perfect toy while focusing on a child’s need for increased balance, fine motor skills, visual perception difficulties and more. I have listed some great games that can be wonderful ways to address goals with a child during therapy, and ways for parents to have carryover of therapy in the home environment while having fun. 

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