Taking the AP out of CAPS

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Written by Cheri Dotterer

April 16, 2020

The laws of physics state that control, accuracy, precision, and speed impact how we move about our environment.  Over the past several weeks, I spoke about control: motor, postural, and pencil. Moving from gross motor to fine motor control of or body and how it impacts handwriting. Refining our control takes accuracy and precision. Many times, we think that they are the same thing. They are not. 

Accuracy is hitting the bull’s eye. Remember that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark when Indiana shows up in Maria’s bar asking for the medallion.  At the end of the scene, the enemy soldier found it and tried to pick it up and burnt his hand. The imprint from that side of the medallion ended up on his hand. The German military accurately found a location to the ark. However, it was precisely in the wrong place. They needed the markings on the other side of the medallion to precisely find the ark as Indiana Jones did.

Precision is how refined the movement is.  Referring to hitting the target, a person can precisely hit the target at the same location multiple times.  If that location is off to the side of the target, they miss the bull’s eye.  It doesn’t count.  They receive fewer points.

The same is true for handwriting. Students can create letters that precisely appear like the letter. If they are misplaced on the worksheet, they appear make the accuracy of their work skewed. The letters p and y are excellent examples are inaccurate letter placement.  Writing a capital P in the middle of a word is precisely the wrong p even it is proportionally formed properly.

I have found that emphasizing size with students is the simplest way to overcome the accuracy and precision of letter placement. The Size Matters Handwriting Program’s 1, 2, 3 method target’s the bull’s eye in precisely three steps.

Let me know if this explanation of accuracy and precision helped you understand it with more clarity.

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