How to Make Virtual Lessons Even Better for your Students

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Written by Cheri Dotterer

September 4, 2020

It has been a wild and crazy week in the Dysgraphia Consultant office.

I realized that although I’ve been working extremely hard to share ideas with you, my posts are not being seen on the platform. I had to take a crash course in the new Facebook Creator Studio and close down the other tool that I was using. No, this post is not about dysgraphia.  It is about learning new tools when it takes you longer to comprehend what you are reading than the average person. I read and watched over an hour’s worth of how to videos to get an idea of what I should be doing.

Today, we have those tools. When I was a kid, the internet did not exist. When I was in college, it was in government agencies only. Now, essentially every home with internet capabilities has access to the internet. This pandemic has taught us ways of exchanging and teaching that we’ve never dreamed of before March.

Will you be beginning school in-person or virtual this year? My school said that we can no longer say face to face because virtual is face to face. I will be in=person with restrictions with parent approval. Have I ever told you that I treat in the home?  My student are cyber kiddos. I was going to their home much like a home health OT until March. Although I was using Zoom for my online business prior to March, using it for treatment session was definitely a change.

As you are heading back to the classroom and using a virtual platform, go to the nearest electronics store and pic up a small tripod with a phone mount.  My tripod is a Sunpak 4200XL. My phone mount is a JOBY. Together they can provide you with a second resource to complete treatment.

Once you are in Zoom (that’s the platform that I use), invite yourself to the room via email. Upon entering the room, mute your phone or computer. If not, you will get feedback.

Use the camera for what the photography industry calls B-roll. Have it focused on your hands or worksheet? Your students will continue to see you on your laptop/desktop monitor and see your hands on your phone camera. You now have two devices to work.

Your students can do it also. Have them use mom’s phone to give you a second view of the surroundings.

I hope this tidbit is something new. I’m in this with you. I start back Wednesday. If you are stuck with anything, please reach out. Let me know if there is anyway that I can help you. I know we have not had a summer break. We are warriors. We’ve got this! (Yes, I am including myself in this pep talk. I need it too.)

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