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Book Signings

Cheri offers book signings at libraries, bookstores, and your own home for those in a reasonable geographic area.  Sign up for a 15-minute FREE consultation call to set up an event.

Virtual Dysgraphia Workshop


Interested in learning more……
Cheri offers group question and answer sessions on the fourth Saturday of each month.

In these sessions, You guide the conversation. Come into the chat room from your own living room and have your questions answers.

Sessions are limited to 10 people each month. See you inside.

Virtual Dysgraphia Workshop is offered at 10:00 AM Eastern Time (NY) time zone. Sessions will be recorded so that you do not need to take notes while Cheri is speaking. Attendees will receive the recording.

What if I cannot make it, you must submit your question via email.  Your question will be answered during the call.

Go grab your coffee and curl up under your blanket for and have your questions about what dysgraphia is, what it is not, assessment, interventions, and accommodation strategies.

Sessions are completed via Zoom call on your computer. The phone app does NOT allow two-way communication. We are using this platform as it allows for international call exchanges at no additional cost. This call is a video call so a webcam and microphone, even the one on your computer, will be used.

The Zoom platform is an app that needs to be added to your computer. Here is the main page

The more important reason that we have chosen this method to communicate is to share visual information.



Occupational therapists and teachers…

Are you interested in learning how to get Cheri to come to your location?

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