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After your 8 weeks in the course, you gain tons of knowledge about dysgraphia. How it works. What it looks like.

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Handwriting Brain-Body Disconnect Gold is for anyone who’s been through or is currently going through the base course and wants to continue viewing the course when they are done.


HWBBD Gold is a low-cost membership community of persons interested in viewing the various improvements to the course as they happen.


Handwriting Brain-Body DisConnect Gold is a virtual learning platform. You learn on your own time with opportunities for group conference calls with your dysgraphia consultant.


HWBBD Gold was created with you in mind. Improve your knowledge and keep up with the latest research. Become an ongoing advocate for your students.

Information processing is an individual’s ability to learn and retain new information; that is, decode, interpret, and respond with efficiently and coded written words.

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