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Module 1: Overview, Syllabus, and Course Expectations


Module 2: Definition and Impact

This week begins your journey into the types of dysgraphia and provides the basics to the stages of reading and writing.


Module 3: Brain and Sensory-Motor Systems

This week reviews the neuroanatomy of the brain and sensory-motor system that is used when reading and writing.  They are broken down into terms and sequences that can be understood by non-medical professionals, teachers, and parents. Physiological functions associated with writing are examined.


Module 4: DECODING Visual, Memory, and Visual Memory

A deeper dive is taken into the most used sense in the classroom, vision.  Visual perception and how it integrates with motor function and memory are explored.


Module 5: ENCODING Mechanical Dysgraphia

Handwriting is divided into three components. This week the biomechanical portions of handwriting are reviewed. Adaptive strategies are considered.


Module 6: ENCODING Language Dysgraphia

The second component of handwriting is language.  This level is not just for speech therapists.  Occupational therapists and teachers can gain treatment and lesson planning ideas for the inclusive classroom.


Module 7: ENCODING Cognitive Dysgraphia

The last component, cognitive, helps transform the most difficult aspects of writing by providing strategies to support the creative development of efficiently written expression.


Module 8: Evaluation and Case Studies

The course is wrapped up by bringing the instruction together to problem solve several case studies.  You will also be asked to evaluate the course.

To obtain your continuing education:

You are required to complete all assignments. Plan to spend at least 8 hours/week. Assignments may include creating a video, designing a game, role playing with other team members, reflection papers, or assesment analysis. We offer 36 PDUs through NBCOT for completion of the course. That is all you need during one 3 year cycle! For info regarding international continuing education, email me at