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Dysgraphia has been misrepresented alongside dyslexia for many years. The misrepresentation has happened because there was a lack of differentiation between the two.



Speaking Topics

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Handwritng RtI

Bring a three-tier Response to Intervention model to revitalize your classroom.

Create a WHOLE classroom Response to Intervention for your handwriting program.

GEAP it up!

Grab your crown to Emulate who you are, and Aspire to all you were meant to be as a school professional. Proclaim the new person inside you that will change your classroom management forever!

Employ Action to Find your Identity

Stop counting your flaws! Fearlessly shine the light of potential through gratitude every day! Let go of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Magnify Wisdom to Discover your Purpose

The power to escape the pressure of a mundane routine and skillfully strengthen your body, mind, and spirit to let your brilliance shine. Don’t let society dictate what is expected of you.

Empower Freedom by igniting your classroom

Stop wondering how to change your classroom!  Change yourself first, the classroom will follow! If you have tried to escape your world by running away, guess what, you followed yourself!

Leverage loyalty across your team

Challenge the world.  Let them see the flawless courage within you!

Let go of your day job and Shine in your new dream job!

That dream job is driven by your purpose!   Go live it today!

Information processing is an individual’s ability to learn and retain new information; that is, decode, interpret, and respond with efficiently and coded written words.

Cheri Dotterer, Handwriting Brain-Body DisConnect

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