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 As COVID-19 takes us from the classroom to our own home, the atmosphere of the occupational therapy treatment is now done via a telehealth platform. ZoomGEMS was created to help teach you the basics of the virtual classroom.

Zoom Basics Video

On March 19 and 21, 2020, I offered a FREE workshop featuring the BASICS of the ZOOM platform to deliver virtual school-based OT services. During those workshops, she referred to a course containing more details about the virtual platform. 

What do GEMS mean?

NOTE from a PA school: APPROVED platforms are listed but not limited to Zoom internet, Theraplatform,, Adobe Connect, Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, and Go To Meeting. They have stated that the lowest paid level is acceptable at this time. In Zoom, that is $14.95 per month.


While I specifically teach Zoom, the material in ZoomGEMS is helpful to all platforms!

GET session set up

Changes in paperwork that you should be concerned about when moving to a virtual platform.

Things to consider before, during, and after treatment sessions

EMPOWER participation

Parent education recommendations

Student participation recommendations

MODEL standards

How to set up and model standards in the virtual classroom

How they relate back to face to face sessions

STAY compliant

Links to standards (specifically the US)

Other Regulatory issues that are pertinent to this change

Course Instruction Includes:

  1. Setting up your session and virtual classroom
  2. Empowering parents and students and modeling effective sessions
  3. How to create your own handwriting paper
  4. Resources for
        • Reproducible worksheets
        • Evaluation considerations
        • Virtual Resources regarding COVID-19
        • Sample consent forms
        • Samples of social stories

Continue to check social media for treatment ideas so many awesome therapists and parents are sharing wonderful creations that can be done at home.

Information processing is an individual’s ability to learn and retain new information; that is, decode, interpret, and respond with efficiently and coded written words.

Cheri Dotterer, Handwriting Brain-Body DisConnect

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